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14 April 2021

Visa Facilitation Agreement Eu Russia

While migration rules are often reciprocal, visa requirements are increasingly creative for governments. For security or policy reasons, visas can become more expensive and procedures more complex. The applicants complain that many countries` visa practices are too bureaucratic, clumsy, opaque and tedious. As a result, the appetite for liberalisation and/or digitisation to reduce bureaucracy, boost tourism and improve passenger comfort is growing. 2. By derogation from paragraph 1 of this article, this agreement does not enter into force until the date of the readmission agreement between the Russian Federation and the European Community, when that date is closest to that set out in paragraph 1 of this article. Relations between the EU and Russia are unlikely to improve in the near future to allow for the signing and ratification of new legally binding agreements. Nevertheless, the visa dialogue could adopt the “OSCE method” with political commitments, parallel steps taken by both sides to meet these commitments and jointly verified progress. The more important issues, including those relating to the OSCE principles, will not be easy to resolve, but strengthening communication between citizens could help the EU, Russia and their common neighbours in the long run. 1. The diplomatic and consular missions of the Member States and the Russian Federation enforce entry bans of up to five years for the following categories of citizens: 1. The processing fee for visa applications is EUR 35. For years, Russia and the EU have discussed the possibility of visa exemption.

Moscow has said it is ready to allow the visa exemption “tomorrow” but is waiting for the EU to reciprolife. During the negotiations, it was stated that the Russian government was only prepared to allow visa exemption for holders of “service passports” – that is, a limited number of civil servants – and not for all Russian citizens. That was not the case. Service passports were discussed only as one step in facilitating the issuance of visas. 1. The diplomatic and consular missions of the Member States and the Russian Federation make a decision on the visa application within ten calendar days of receipt of the application and the documents necessary to issue the visa.

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