Verdure tapestries have been of great interest for more than 500 years and they are in museum collections all over the world. The word verdure origins from French. Vert means green. Typical verdures, or garden tapestries as they are sometimes called, have certain themes: Flourishing landscapes with trees, leaves, flowers, water, maybe a castle or a pavilion. This landscape has inhabitants. Not so much people but all kinds of animals – some of them never seen in reality. For years I wasn’t really interested in this group of tapestries, but then one day someone said about my piece “The Theatre In The Garden”: “Oh, I see that you are doing verdures now”. I was very surprised, but my interest was immediately awoken. I studied the genre for some time, then I decided to try to create a contemporary verdure with a landscape, vegetation, still water, falling water, animals and one human being. My mother. The photos I based the design on are from a road trip I took, alone, from my home to a memory garden up north where my mother’s ashes was spread. It was her home town. The title of the tapestry is “Road Movie (verdure): Visiting Mom” and it was completed 2010. It is now in the collection of Nationalmuseum, Stockholm.
My intention is to do also another verdure. About life. For the moment it exists only in my imagination but as soon as my loom is available I will visualize my idea.