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13 April 2021

The Tripoli Tehran Agreement

The two heads of state agreed to restart relations and reopen consulates. The agreement calls for a ban on the use of the territory of the two countries for hostile actions and the reception of the rebels between them. Libya intends to monitor the agreement to end hostile press campaigns and support for militant groups. However, Muammar Gaddafi called on the leaders of each country to continue discussions on resolving the cause of the tensions. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970-73, PET 3 OPEC. Secret; Priority Exdis. Back to London. In Jidda`s Telegram 476 on 14 February, Ambassador Thacher wrote: “We should avoid any measures that tend to support the short delays and arbitrary coercive measures that have forced US companies to pay billions of euros in the very short term over the next few years. (Ibid.) In telegram 28309 to Tehran on 19 February, Rogers Zahedi said: “The agreement that has just been reached with the companies is very important… Ensure the stability of market agreements during the five-year period of the agreement. We were particularly important to the negotiations and we were assurances about that at the time of Mr. Irwin`s visit.

(Ibid.) In November, Ankara signed a maritime delimitation agreement with the Tripoli authorities, which places Turkey`s claimed exclusive economic zone in the eastern Mediterranean on the edge of the area claimed by Libya. With the 1973 oil embargo, after the Yom Kippur War, which wreaked economic havoc, U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger began “shuttle diplomacy” and helped withdraw between Israel and Egypt in January 1974. Arab oil ministers agreed to end the embargo on March 18, 1974, on the condition that the United States also encouraged the Israeli-Syrian withdrawal. Kissinger helped reach an agreement between the two states in May, which involved a ceasefire and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from some of the conquered areas. The world`s major economies form the International Energy Agency to coordinate “in times of oil emergency.” They also met at a summit in France in 1975 to discuss the global economy and energy dependence. This state forum is called the Group of Six and will later become g8, then the G7. “Following the tensions that followed the Chadian rebels` attack on the town of AdrĂ© (the rally for democracy and freedom and the platform for change, unity and democracy), on 18 December 2005, the European Union sees this agreement as an important step towards restoring a climate of trust and cooperation between the two countries. The European Union calls on both sides to respect this agreement, in particular their commitment not to house the rebel forces of the other side on their respective territories. [Quote required] Under the leadership of Secretary Irwin, President Nixon and Minister Rogers discussed his meeting with the Shah, during which the Shah capped a separate oil deal in the Persian Gulf and not the OPEC-scale agreement that companies are seeking.

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