11 July 2014

Open studio

Dear Diary, in connection with Nässelfrossa, the cultural festival in western part of Blekinge, I opened my studio to visitors. Boa and I showed our current projects and I told about the house, the studio, tapestry art and my interpretation thereof. Although not everyone who... Read More →
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20 January 2014

End of chapter

Dear Diary, yesterday was the last day of the Nordic Award in Textiles exhibition at Abecita art museum in Borås. There was quite a crowd, including several dear friends, and I gave a talk. Thank you all for coming! And many thanks to Abecita, it has been a marvelous time. Read More →
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5 November 2013

Nordic Award In Textiles

Dear Diary, the day has come. Tonight I will receive The Nordic Award In Textiles in Borås. An exhibition opens at 4 this afternoon at Abecita Art Museum, after that the event continues at Åhaga concert center. Am I exited? YES! Read More →
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1 October 2013

My Party among new acquisitions

Dear Diary, my tapestry The Baroque Party from 2000 is now on display at Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg. I went there for the opening and said hi to it. Like seeing an old and important friend. I think it’s doing good. Read More →
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