8 June 2015

Summer again…

Dear Diary, hmmm… how do I explain my absence for so many months? Well. It’s easy. Work, work, work. I have never in my life been in such a hurry as this last year. It has to do with the commission for The University College in Oslo, Norway, and my Guest Professorship in... Read More →
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17 June 2013

Our garden

Dear Diary, I know I decided to make this website work related but I just HAVE to say something about our garden. After the conference I told about yesterday, I look upon it in a different way. One of the speakers talked about Paradise According to The Bible and the fact that... Read More →
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24 May 2013

New chapter

Dear Diary, my brand new website is finally out in the open. So now I can tell you things, like that I’m home to husband & cat after a couple of days in Stockholm. Meetings with the Visual Arts Funds´s Board but also hugging grand kids and SERIOUS wordpress exercises at... Read More →
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