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17 June 2013

Our garden

Dear Diary,
I know I decided to make this website work related but I just HAVE to say something about our garden. After the conference I told about yesterday, I look upon it in a different way. One of the speakers talked about Paradise According to The Bible and the fact that Adam & Eve must have been really busy keeping it in shape due to perfect conditions. (Remember it was before The Fall.) And another speaker claimed that The Perfect Lawn is an ecological anomaly and that gardening soil is an artifact. This makes me even more in love with our garden which is partly not at all domesticated. It’s absolutely Paradise.
But my husband – being the result of both theological and technical studies – is definitely doing his best with weeds combat and lawn wowing, with an ambition like Adam’s.

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  1. Juliette phd

    Dear Annika,
    to me it really seems to a Paradise.
    And it seems like you have a great garden husband. Say hello from me.
    Greetings from Djakarta.

    • Annika

      Yes Juliette, he is my gardening & guarding angel, you know that 🙂 Maybe you can send us some interesting plant seeds from Djakarta? Nothing illegal, though.


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