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17 May 2014

Jane from Sydney

Dear Diary,
I have waved goodbye to lovely Jane Theau from Australia. We spent a day and a half together in my studio, discussing life and art and New York and Paris. And Spanish slugs. Like always when I meet friends and colleagues from Australia, I get new perspectives on things. (“Are you killing the slugs in your garden? I don’t care about them when they are outdoors. It’s when I step on them on the bathroom floor in the night, or find them in my daughter’s sneakers I dislike them…”)
I really hope we will meet again. In Sydney or elsewhere. We have much more to discuss!

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  1. Jane Theau

    Hi Annika,
    I’ve had time to read your diary and see the kind words you have written about me! The evening I spent with you was the highlight of my trip to Europe. Thank you again for your generous spirit.
    This morning I found my youngest looking intently at the kitchen bench with a grimace on his face …. another slug ….
    Warm regards from the Antipodes, Jane

    • annika

      thought of you the other day for two reasons:
      1. I booked a flight to Australia.
      2. We found a Spanish Slug in the bathroom upstairs. It probably took a clever free ride with a bucket.

      Maybe we can have a cup of coffee in Sydney in December?
      All the best to you from me & Peter!


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