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16 June 2014

Guest artist in my studio

Dear Diary,
last Monday I went, in a really good mood, to the train station to pick up Boa Jung. Boa is a young textile artist from Seoul and I first met her when she was a master student at HDK in Gothenburg. There she made an amazing diploma work a couple of years ago, and now she is spending the summer in my studio. Boa is weaving her tapestry on the loom I got from Lillian Bartholdsson and it looks really good. It’s an amazingly perfect feeling to have someone sharing the rhythm: weaving, eating, emailing, weaving, talking a little, weaving, googling something that has crossed your mind, weaving, shooing away The Crazy Cat (not our), reading, answering a writer’s question about the artistic process, eating in the garden, weaving, going for a walk, feeding the cat (our), weaving, laughing, talking to Peter (husband, mine), watching football and then weaving until bed time.
Lucky me.

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  1. Young-mi kim

    I am happy to see Boa seems to be well with you.
    Good luck and happy summer all you guys! 🙂

    • Annika

      Happy summer to you too, dear Young-mi!

  2. Gerður Guðmundsdóttir

    Life is good at your studuo these days. Let creativity flow. Best wishes from Iceland in brilliant summer volors!

    • Annika

      Dear Gerður,
      I hope creativity flows in Iceland too! Have a really good summer!


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