In this gallery you can follow the creation of two tapestries commissioned by KORO – Art In Public Space, Norway, for Oslo University College. I call the tapestries: “FOLLOW ME (interior): Shine”
and “FOLLOW ME (exterior): Grow”. They took 3,5 intensive years to complete.
In March 2015 the tapestries were placed into their permanent location, among students, staff and visitors at the University College.

This project was introduced on KORO’s website like this:
“The work consists of two tapestries: the first, Skinne [Shine], is about lighting candles, understanding, and experiencing; while the second, Vokse [Grow], is about planting, growing, developing, and living. The choice of tapestry as a medium is interesting historically, as the first course in tapestry at HiOA started in 1875.”