17 June 2013

Our garden

Dear Diary, I know I decided to make this website work related but I just HAVE to say something about our garden. After the conference I told about yesterday, I look upon it in a different way. One of the speakers talked about Paradise According to The Bible and the fact that Adam & Eve must have been really busy keeping it in shape due to perfect conditions. (Remember it was before The Fall.) And another speaker claimed that The Perfect Lawn is an ecological anomaly and that gardening soil is an artifact. This makes me even more in love with our garden which is partly not at all domesticated. It’s absolutely Paradise. But my husband – being the result of both theological and technical studies – is definitely... Read More →
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16 June 2013

Paradise Regained?

Dear Diary, I’m back home from two wonderful and interesting days at the uni in Gothenburg and a conference with the incredible title “Paradise Regained”. (Yes, it’s from Milton.) It was organized by the Faculty of Arts (Humanistiska fakulteten) and was VERY inter disciplinary! All aspects of GARDEN were presented. I had sent in a paper about my verdure tapestry “Road Movie (verdure): Visiting Mom”. Since I was the last speaker day 1 I had to shorten my talk A LOT since we were running late for a dinner. Well, you know how it is. I’m sure everybody still got enough tapestry input. 😉 Day 2 took place at Gunnebo Castle & Garden. Amazing place. Just go there! Well, this whole experience was... Read More →
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11 June 2013

Stockholm’s early summer charm

Dear Diary, I’m spending a couple of days in Stockholm, meetings with The Visual Arts Funds´s Board / IASPIS delegation. The city is nice and warm and crowded. Tonight I’m staying at cute Columbus Hotel, Södermalm. I got the very last room in this popular hotel. It’s located in the ‘loft’, at the very top of the building. No elevator, but that’s ok. Bathroom in the corridor. That’s ok too…Well, not really. Have to get dressed again and go and brush my teeth. Read More →
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9 June 2013

Seeing colleagues & friends!

Dear Diary, yesterday I had the privilege to – with a short speach – open the exhibition ARTAPESTRY 3, Ronneby Culture Center. More than 20 tapestry artists were present, representing this art genre & what’s happening with it today in Europe. The image to the left is a detail of Swedish artist Eva-Britt Rosenqvist’s “Amphora”. GREAT to see you all! Read More →
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6 June 2013

The Verdure at Marieholm

Dear Diary, today, June 6, is the Swedish National Day. I went to Mariestad to be a part of the celebration of this day and also for  the opening of a student project called “The Verdure at Marieholm”. Which is such an inspiring interdisciplinary experiment, involving students from the sloyd/culture craft field (Ledarskap i slöjd och kulturhanverk) and from the garden/landscape craft field (Trädgårdens och landskapsvårdens hantverk). The verdure feeling was absolutely there! (Read about verdures here.)   Read More →
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4 June 2013

The Portrait Weaver

Dear Diary, do you recognize this person? Well, it’s me, woven by Emelie Andersson. I think of Emelie as The Portrait Weaver. She has recently taken her BA degree in textile art at HDK – School of Design and Craft, University of Gothenburg, together with brilliant fellow students. Emelie’s project was brave, intelligent, passionate and corny – just like Emelie. She wrote letters to people, invited herself to them, asked to spend a day with them and weave their portrait. (I’m sorry she never met the dogs she wanted to portrait, but:) I’m happy to have been visualized in her project! On Saturday, the 8th, is the opening at HDK and all students show their diploma works in the old building in central... Read More →
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1 June 2013

Who did it?

Dear Diary, somebody messed with my screen saver. I think I know who.  (“Gobelängens återkomst” means “The Return Of The Tapestry”). Read More →
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31 May 2013

Thirteen Ladies

Dear Diary, around four o’clock yesterday I waved goodbye to thirteen glorious ladies in their seventieth (and the oldest was eighty-eight) from Asarum’s syförening (home sewing guild?). They visited me to see the tapestry I’m working on and to chat about textile and life. And to “fika” of course. One of the ladies told me a very special story about her parents. They got married many years ago, on the 30th of May (which was yesterday’s date), IN OUR HOUSE! Which used to be a vicarage up until the sixties which explains it in a way. But still – isn’t that nice?   Read More →
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30 May 2013


Dear Diary, spent a couple of days in Göteborg (= Gothenburg) with interviewing applicants for the BA program “Ledarskap i slöjd och kulturhantverk” at the uni. Together with colleagues and student representatives and also with a nice guy from the working life. And a big bowl of candy. The city was hot and humid. Streets, buses and trams were absolutely crowded with happy young people in white hats, desperately singing “Fy fan vad vi är bra!” (You can google translate that.) This is a sure sign that summer is approaching. Another sign: My lips don’t need botox to look like Angelina Jolie’s, I just have to be around all the newly sprung birch trees… Read More →
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