7 November 2013

Big Night…

Dear Diary, it was an unforgettable night. (Foto: Christer Hansson © Pixelwild.com) Read More →
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5 November 2013

Nordic Award In Textiles

Dear Diary, the day has come. Tonight I will receive The Nordic Award In Textiles in Borås. An exhibition opens at 4 this afternoon at Abecita Art Museum, after that the event continues at Åhaga concert center. Am I exited? YES! Read More →
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21 October 2013


Dear Diary, this is my friend since many years, Britta Lindgren. She has written a children’s book with the title “Polkagrismorfarn”. It’s about a girl and her grandpa and it takes place by the sea. On Saturday is the release party. I’ve had the privilege to illustrate Britta’s book. Read More →
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1 October 2013

My Party among new acquisitions

Dear Diary, my tapestry The Baroque Party from 2000 is now on display at Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg. I went there for the opening and said hi to it. Like seeing an old and important friend. I think it’s doing good. Read More →
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9 September 2013

Brett is Back

Dear Diary, Brett Alexander is an artist, teacher and researcher from University of Newcastle in Australia. And a good friend. We met for the first time 1997 at a fiber workshop in Sweden. Since then we have been at textile art events in China, Lithuania, Australia, The Netherlands…and maybe some other country too. Ten years ago I was invited as a research visitor to his university, and three years ago Brett was guest researcher at University of Gothenburg, HDK, for a month or so. And now he is back for three months at GU and it feels so good! He is already involved with the culture craft students at The Department of Conservation, and will later work with the textile art students at HDK. And with his own writing. It’s perfect. Read More →
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2 September 2013


Dear Diary, today is the first day of a new semester and a new textile course at The Department of Conservation. The focus is on multiple element textile techniques. So – why not begin with making a ribbon? This is Elin, using a rigid heddle made in 5 minutes with cardboard and a stapler. Read More →
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25 August 2013

Meeting in Stockholm

Dear Diary, I’m back home from three days of meetings and discussions with The Visual Arts Fund’s board. Interesting, difficult, informative as always. Image: Louise & Miriam at lunch break. Read More →
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16 August 2013

Lecture in Ronneby

Dear Diary, yesterday evening I was invited to give a lecture about “Textile Art Through the Ages” at Ronneby Culture Center. The center still hosts the exhibition Artapestry 3, which I visited and opened on June 8th. The title of my lecture was of course impossibly ambitious, but that gave me the opportunity to pick some favorite examples from both the past and the present. The first image I showed was the one I took at an Ernesto Neto exhibition. A hand, touching a textile. That’s what we are doing, isn’t it? Read More →
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3 August 2013

Wish Tree

Dear Diary, my daughter-in-law Matilda and I did our yearly tour to Louisiana, Museum of Modern art in Denmark. Big Yoko Ono retrospective. Loved it! And of course we both added our wishes and hopes for the future to Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree. Read More →
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